Living with Esteem Keynote


Overview of the Presentation

Two-thirds of all adults in America suffer from low self-esteem. During this presentation, we’ll look at why low self-esteem has become a national epidemic, and how it affects our personal fulfillment, our family harmony and our job performance. We’ll also outline powerful steps to develop greater self-esteem and increase effectiveness in all areas of your life.

Major Topics

  • Why self-esteem is so important
  • Six keys to build your self-esteem
  • How to increase your job satisfaction
  • The 7 secrets of being a peak performer
  • The value of humor in the workplace
  • How to nourish your mind, body and spirit
  • How to create balance in your life
  • Living the life you were meant to live

Individual and Organizational Benefits

  • Take more personal responsibility for your life and work
  • Communicate more openly and supportively with family, friends, and coworkers
  • Act with greater confidence in yourself and in your ability to take on life’s challenges
  • Persevere in the face of fear, obstacles and setbacks
  • Set bigger dreams and goals and take the appropriate steps to fulfill them
  • Raise your morale and self-esteem and those around you to help create a more positive living or working environment
  • Experience greater health, balance, and happiness in your life

This dynamic and interactive presentation includes practical exercises and tools that can be applied immediately to increase your self-esteem and enhance your life and career.

Available as a Keynote, Workshop Session, or One-day Seminar.