Certified Happiness Trainers

All Happy for No Reason Trainers have been certified to teach and deliver the 7-step Happy for No Reason process to groups of any size. Our Certified Trainers offer workshops, courses, speeches and presentations in-person and on-line. These presentations are ideal for businesses, associations, health and wellness events, transformational retreats, schools and more, and can be tailored for any audience.

United States

Victoria Teague
Hillary Saffran
Hillary's Bio

Hillary Saffran has worked in the social services field for many years, both in state and non-profit organizations and as a therapist and coach, helping thousands help themselves. Her books are being distributed to social service organizations nationwide as a message of encouragement and hope. As a single parent of three children, she solved the need for extra income by becoming a birthday party clown and doing singing telegrams. The birthday party clown business evolved into being a speaker, actress, singer, musician, voice over artist, and ventriloquist. To further spread happiness and hope, Hillary recently became a certified Happy for No Reason trainer through Marci Shimoff’s certification program. An Alaska resident, Hillary’s books, CDs and workshops will bring a smile to your day and encouragement for your life.

Cheryl S. Greene, Ed.D.

Cheryl S. Greene, Ed.D.
Phoenix, AZ
InCourage Coaching and Consulting, LLC.

Cheryl's Bio

Cheryl S. Greene, founder of InCourage Coaching and Consulting, is passionate about helping people live an authentic life aligned to one’s highest potential and purpose. As a certified Equus Coach©, she loves using the wisdom of horses to help her clients discover their true nature and unique gifts. As a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach©, she is committed to helping people discover, develop and apply their strengths in all areas of their lives. In 2019, Cheryl became certified to teach world-renowned transformational teacher and happiness expert Marci Shimoff’s, “Happy for No Reason©” program. Cheryl enjoys uplifting others by sharing the happiness tips and strategies that helped her successfully navigate through her own personal challenges and life events.

Cheryl has the extraordinary ability to fuse her intuitive, coaching and teaching abilities with her 30+ years in educational leadership, prevention, and counseling to create transformational and inspirational experiences for her participants. Cheryl holds a Doctorate in Education, Master’s degrees in both Counseling and Organizational Management, and a Bachelor of Psychology degree. Cheryl is committed to helping others live a more joyous and wholehearted life through her workshops, presentations, coaching, and online programs.

Diane P. Lynch
Bonnie J. McCulley
Your Sacred Power
Phoenix, AZ. USA
Bonnie's Bio

Bonnie is a certified Happy for No Reason trainer, Professional Counselor, Spiritual Life Coach, and Chaplain. She is known as a Soul Illuminator shining light within one’s soul to heal the mind, body and spirit. She believe the soul is the truth of who you are and the place within us where true healing occurs. When you tend to the soul, the Light shines brighter in your whole being, your intuition, wisdom and discernment abilities are sharpened, you are guided by Spirit to live into your true essence. You will experience an inner freedom, joy and “happiness for no reason”

Bonnie is also a Certified Energy Codes Facilitator and B.E.S.T. Practitioner (Dr. Sue Morter) and a Daring Way Facilitator (Brene Brown). Throughout her healthcare career she has been a leader in integrative medicine. She draws from the latest evidence-based practices and research, cognitive and mindfulness-based tools. She also incorporates faith, beliefs and values, spiritual practices along with Quantum, NeuroScience, and energy healing work. She applies the Enneagram, MyersBriggs Type Indicator, and Human Design™ assessments.

Bonnie has unique healing abilities and she has been able to empower others to access their own inner wisdom and healing. Be Brave, Be True, Be You. Be Happy for No Reason.

Carmen Lee
Carmen Lee
Sacramento CA, USA
Carmen's Bio
Carmen Lee is passionate about helping changemakers experience joy and freedom from suffering despite their life circumstances.
In her 30s, Carmen experienced a downward spiral in her health, career, and relationships. Her own healing journey led her to an Ayurvedic practice helping clients to cultivate deeper self trust by dissolving engrained limitations in the mind and body.
Another health crisis opened Carmen to connecting with Divine Mother for guidance and healing. Carmen facilitates energy healing to empower individuals and communities to make choices that are aligned with their wholeness, gifts and passions. People often experience deep peace and mental clarity during the healing as anxiety, mental chatter, pain, tumors, and unknown blockages melt away.
In an organization, Carmen neutralizes land mines and resolves conflicts so that teams are empowered to move projects and initiatives to new heights. Carmen also creates the space for illuminating employees’ potential and elevating their impact.
Carmen believes that intentional healthy habits and vigilant practice of energetic hygiene are keys to transforming inevitable obstacles to flow and ease in life.
Diane P. Lynch
Marti DeLeon
Angelic Healing Practitioner, Inc.
Malibu, California, USA
Marti's Bio

Marti DeLeon is a certified Happy for No Reason Trainer, certified Angel Therapy practitioner, an Angelic Healing practitioner, an Integrated Energy Therapy master instructor, dedicated spiritual advisor, intuitive life coach, teacher, and writer living in Southern California.

Marti’s remarkable spiritual journey began when she was just a little girl. But it took almost 40 years for her to fully accept her gifts and begin working as a channel and sharing the messages she receives from Archangel Michael.

Today, working with the principles from Happy for No Reason, Marti is committed to helping people heal, grow and learn through her private angel guidance sessions, intuitive life coaching sessions, and online workshops focused on helping others to live empowered happy lives. Marti shares her transformative journey in vivid detail in her debut book, You Are Worthy! Manifesting What You Want in Life.

Victoria Teague
Sabrena Ikon
Burbank, CA, USA
Career & Wellness Group, Inc.
Sabrena's Bio

Sabrena Ikon, PhD is a certified Happy For No Reason Trainer, Positive Psychology practitioner, Reiki Healer, and Founder of Career Service Center. Sabrena also developed the Career &Wellness Group, Inc. to help others focus on their well-being and self-care. Transitioning from Human Resources to Positive Psychology, led Sabrena to participate in the Happy For No Reason program developed by Marci Shimoff, who is a featured teacher in The Secret, author of Happy For No Reason, and several self-help books. Sabrena realized the happiness program enhanced her passion for helping others. She always empowered others in their careers and personal life, so it was a natural path to continue spreading this message for inner peace, by using the Happy For No Reason principles. Having a passion for healing, positivity, and calmness, Sabrena shares the happiness tools and practices through online workshops and coaching for anyone in their life quest for personal and career growth.

Victoria Teague
Bianca Reeves
Apple Valley, California
Bianca's Bio

Bianca Reeves is a certified Happy for No Reason Trainer, qualified Language Arts and Creative writing teacher. She is owner of Reeves Publishing where she writes romantic fantasy novels and coaches others to find their magical happily ever after. Bianca’s passion is to help others in their struggles to find happiness, love, and identity in their lives. She wholeheartedly believes that personal empowerment is the key to accomplishing our hearts desire. Personal transformation starts with an intention, a dream, and a need. Happiness is a set point in which we all can learn and achieve through the power of forgiveness and love. Through Bianca’s workshops, coaching, speaking, and writing courses her purpose is to lead others to find their inner happiness and offer tools to regain self-worth, to understand the foundations of happiness, and to find internal peace.

Joy Taylor
Joy's Bio

Joy Taylor is the author of the Amazon #1 best-seller Inspired, founder of A Soul Inspired Life and past Director of the Women’s Business Center in Northern California. Her passion is empowering individuals to make choices from soul-inspired intentions. 

In her consulting and training she is known as an ‘Intuitive Business Muse’ and offers practical strategies and solutions to assist you in designing an authentic life and creating a purposeful and profitable business. Joy brings honesty and clarity to her business programs which currently include, Codes to Confidence, Soul Inspired Marketing, and Inspired Action Groups.

Joy helps thought leaders (consultants, healers, coaches, artist, and authors) in the transformational space to break through inner obstacles, build online training skills, and bring their unique frameworks to life. As a Happy for No Reason® certified trainer, she enjoys making accessible positive phycology to audiences around the world, especially professionals committed to making the world a better place with their product or service.

Joy Taylor
Sasha's Bio

Sasha is a certified, Happy For No Reason trainer and certified health and life coach. Her focus is on building self-awareness to transform out of bad habits, build new ones and create unconditional happiness within. She does much of her coaching online so as to have the privilege to help people worldwide. She discovered the fascinating world of personal development at the age of seventeen while wandering through a bookstore. Her father had died suddenly when she was twelve and found herself struggling deeply with the new identity thrust upon her. She was very close to her father. Over the years she encountered other significant losses. A miscarriage at five months along, loving grandparents, her best friend due to a heart attack, the murder of her teenage nephew and a divorce. In between the years she would always find her way back to working on herself and eventually finding her own unconditional happiness within. She continues to always learn and grow as she is a lifelong student of “Earth School.” She loves helping others find relief from their own struggles and building happier, more fulfilling lives. If she had one wish, she would bestow unconditional happiness to everyone worldwide.

Betina Brumm
Betina Brumm
Boulder, CO, USA
Design528 LLC
(720) 770 1090
Betina's Bio

Betina is the one that navigates through challenges with analytics, patience, deep business insight, and flow. As a business executive, her former engineering career and her sales & marketing experience give her a keen analytical approach. She makes sure that her practice is backed up by experience, scientific research, studies, and reliable sources.

As a Life design Coach, Neuro-linguistic Practitioner, and HFNR® Certified Trainer, Betina enjoys educating her clients on how to navigate through challenging times with more ease and flow. Betina is excellent at seeing “the bigger picture, and its parts” discovering the WHAT, WHY & HOW either within yourself, your organization, or your business processes. She takes passionately the task to empower everyone to embrace change, and how to map the small steps that bring in the final vision in mind.

Her approach to life is holistic and broad. The experiences that she has gained from living among multiple countries has exposed her to numerous business cultures, intellectual traditions, and spiritual practices. More importantly, she “walks the walk” and benefits from using the same tools and techniques that she shares and teaches.

Victoria Teague
Michelle Salinas

Denver, Colorado, United States
(970) 343-4782
Michelle's Bio

Michelle Salinas is a Happy For No Reason Certified Trainer, certified in the Scrum Master and Six Sigma methodologies, and Certified Leader by The Mastermind Association.

With over 20 years of combined experience in sales, client relations, business & personal development, and growth marketing with a strong background of successfully consulting, managing projects, and implementing initiatives for corporations and small businesses. 

Her advancement in her personal journey in the last 20 years as a Mystic and Spiritualist, has been relentlessly remarkable. After becoming a single mother, she has overcome insurmountable adversity and learned to embrace transcendental leadership within herself. 

As she explored and experienced ancient knowledge, she became deeply aware of the power that resides within her. Each challenge in life is a catalyst meant to help us become aligned with our essence. 

Michelle helps you bring the Happy For No Reason experience alive and activate the power dormant within you to advance and fulfill your purpose in this lifetime.
Victoria Teague
Dillon Turnbow
Scale Up Happiness
Denver, Colorado, United States
Dillon's Bio

Dillon is a certified Happy for No Reason trainer, life coach, and author of Scale Up Happiness. He has been leading happiness training programs for companies of all sizes since 2014. On average, people who participated in the programs increased their happiness by 20.7%.

Dillon created the Scale Up Happiness program with 2 intentions. The first is to utilize Lean Six Sigma methodology (statistically proven process improvement) to improve happiness. You will discover how to find enjoyment, find belonging with others, connect to your purpose, continue to grow, enhance your health, achieve more, and connect with your Higher Power. He modified the approach to be easy to follow with simple-to-use tools that are proven to be effective.

The second intention is to cultivate more and better connections with a Higher Power. He does not promote any specific religion, and only a small portion of the program is dedicated to spirituality. However, he believes that making a stronger connection to a higher power is necessary for reaching the highest levels of happiness.

Victoria Teague
Vicky McAdams
DivineInspiredLiving, LLC.
Colorado Springs, CO USA
719 325 9148
Vicki's Bio

Vicky McAdams is a Happy For No Reason® Certified Trainer, Energy Codes® Certified Coach, Remote Energy Codes® Certified Healer, Psych-K® Master Facilitator, and founder and CEO of DivineInspiredLiving, LLC.

After 45 years of working as an Advanced Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner and Executive Advanced Nurse Administrator developing Acute, Trauma Informed Evidence-Based Programs for Psychiatric and Substance Use Disorders nationally and internationally, Vicky experienced her own transformational journey. A natural empath, and hands-on healer, Vicky became certified to teach internationally renowned Marci Shimoff’s “Happy For No Reason” Program, helping others find transformational happiness by releasing their self-limiting beliefs and actualizing their highest good through self-empowerment, love, and laughter.

Vicky’s passion for spreading transformational happiness through speaking engagements, workshops, or group training is enhanced by her professional background in program development, telecare programming, professional and lay education, public speaking engagements, media, and online programming. No longer do life’s events, situations, or the environment have to be the determining factors impacting one’s happiness levels. Rather, Vicky helps individuals learn how to raise their internal happiness set point and experience their authentic journeys to self-fulfillment and greater happiness.

Victoria Teague
Cristina Lindsay
Be You.Live Happy
Canon City CO, USA
Cristina's Bio

Cris is a Professional Life Coach, Author, Inspirational Speaker and Certified Happy For No Reason Trainer. She teaches and supports how to live a life of happiness, fulfillment, and abundance, regardless of what’s happening in your life. She blends inner happiness and miracles in ways that are aligned with your individual Essential Self.

She also offers a very special program to teach and support women who have (or had) Cancer that struggle with fear, anxiety, loneliness, and depression, learn practical ways to feel peaceful, positive, and HAPPY! Her own cancer journey provided profound insights about how to live life. Even with cancer, it is possible to live with an inner sense of peacefulness and ease, to gain understanding of the lessons and purpose this experience has to offer.

She has over 30 years of experience serving women, facilitating a variety of custom programs and retreats in the areas of personal growth, leadership and self-awareness. Cris also has extensive experience in the field of Equine-Assisted Coaching.

Cris is an entrepreneur, owning her own businesses since 1988. Her life experiences include learning through childhood trauma, single parenting, surviving cancer, supporting others in addiction recovery, caring for aging parents and the very profound and personal lessons that these events can offer us. She has spent her life serving others and was featured as an honored guest on the Oprah Show.

Cris is a deeply caring person, is easy to talk to, and has a down-to-earth personality, void of pretense. She is the real deal, authentic, a good listener and possesses a good sense of humor. Cris’s passion and purpose in life is to express the fullness of her own authenticity and to help others. Simple as that!

Ashlee Cramer
Susan's Bio

Susan Parker is the Founder and Executive Director of Daisy Chain Sanctuary, uniquely combining her certification as a “Happy for No Reason” trainer with her passion for equine-assisted learning. Her journey, deeply personal and rooted in both science and a lifetime love for horses, has led her to create programs that offer a pathway to inner peace and well-being. Recognizing the individuality of healing, Susan’s approach caters to everyone, emphasizing that regardless of one’s role in life, the pursuit of happiness is universal. Through Daisy Chain Sanctuary, she invites individuals to embark on a transformative journey, fostering an environment where compassion, connection, and respect for all beings pave the way to sustainable happiness and inner fulfillment.

Dyhanna Noble

Trish Sadar 🌻 Happiness Trainer
Sunny South Florida
954 868-5127

Trish's Bio

Trish is a proud mom, certified Happiness Trainer, Coach, and Life-long learner.
She is also a professor, author, and founder of People2Strategy, a global training organization.

It was during one of the most difficult times of her life that her true calling was revealed, when her husband was diagnosed with a devastating illness.
What she learned was that it is possible to love, live, and find joy and happiness each day  – – despite your circumstances.

She is now on a mission to make a difference in the world by spreading the Happiness habits and tools that changed her life. 

Her goal is to help women around the world create a life that feels good on the inside… not just one that looks good on the outside😊 

You can find her sharing her Happiness tools through her coaching, workshops, and online programs.

Gianna Talone-Sullivan
Constance Clancy, Ed. D.
Snowmass, CO & Captiva Island, FL
Constance's Bio

Constance Clancy, Ed.D., LPC, LMHC, NCC, HSMI has practiced psychotherapy, Life Enhancement Coaching, and hypnotherapy for over 30 years. She is based in Basalt, Colorado and is the owner of Mind/Body Wellness. Constance provides virtual counseling and coaching throughout the country.

Constance is a Happy For No Reason Certified Trainer under Marci Shimoff, best-selling author. She offers workshops, retreats, and speaking engagements throughout the country. She is the published author of three books, Surviving Stress with a Healing Heart; The Gift of Change;
Embracing Challenges Today for a Promising Tomorrow; In the Nick of Time, Rising to Resilience from the Depths of Betrayal.

Constance is passionate about facilitating her clients with using a whole and balanced approach while working with Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit as a symbol of wholeness for living your best-balanced life. She is solution-focused and guides others to be Happy for No Reason even during these challenging times.

Victoria Teague
Maura Delehanty
Maura Delehanty Leadership, Inc
Naples, Florida
Maura's Bio

Maura Delehanty, RN, MSOL is a dedicated and experienced leader who has made a remarkable impact in multiple fields. With 25 years of unwavering commitment as a trauma and emergency nurse, she has been a beacon of hope in times of crisis. Maura is not just a nurse; she is a source of strength and solace for those in need. But her journey doesn’t stop there. As a certified Happy for No Reason trainer, Maura’s expertise extends beyond medical care. She possesses the unique ability to impart the art of finding happiness, regardless of circumstances. Through her leadership and coaching, she helps others discover the power of joy that resides within them, offering a transformative approach to life.

Ashlee Cramer
Ashlee Cramer
Miami Beach, FL USA
Ashlee's Bio

Ashlee Cramer began her professional career as a dancer and singer on the New York City stage and has evolved into a seasoned businesswoman with experience translating a true passion for music and dance into a successful, multinational, early childhood program: Zumbini.   She not only created and developed the Zumbini program for Zumba Fitness, but has also been instrumental in promoting, marketing and spreading the love!   As well as running her Miami Children’s Music studio and teaching the Zumbini program to countless families in South Florida, Ashlee was honored to be certified in 2019 as a “Happy for No Reason” trainer, based on the New York Times Best Selling book of the same name, by Marci Shimoff.    Ashlee is passionate about early childhood education and the need to combine joy, music, movement, education and bonding for families around the world, and now, with Happy for No Reason, she is even more passionate about helping not only children, but also teens and adults, to live more empowered and joy-filled lives. Her goal: spread love and joy, and make the world a little better, one soul at a time. 

Victoria Teague
Victoria Teague
Suwanee, Georgia, USA
(678) 218-7188
Victoria's Bio

Atlanta-based motivational speaker Victoria Teague is an educator and counselor with an emphasis on overcoming PTSD. Her specialty is helping women who have been trafficked live their dreams. She is now expanding her reach to help all female survivors of abuse.
After experiencing the tragic loss of her younger sister to cancer and becoming a victim of teenage rape, Victoria fell into addictive behaviors to find acceptance. She ended up in the wrong crowd and met a “pimp-like boyfriend” who trafficked Victoria for 4 years. Victoria was rescued by a brave woman in the community, and through her unconditional love and family support, Victoria’s life was radically transformed. Victoria’s Friends, a non-profit reaching trafficked ladies in Metro Atlanta, was birthed out of the life-changing work God did in Victoria’s life.
After graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and working as a corporate sales consultant, Victoria discovered her life’s calling to help people reach their full potential. During this time, she learned various tools and processes to help people think about their inner values, purpose, and vision.
It is her greatest honor to work with these precious ladies and be a part of their journey!
Victoria is delighted to offer her online course From Hurt to Happiness.

Kandiee Campbell

Kandiee Campbell
Awaken Tranquility

Kandiee's Bio

Kandiee Campbell is a transformational leader, energy reader, and certified “Happy for No Reason trainer”. Kandiee became a “Happy for No Reason Trainer because she wanted to learn skills that would enable her to live happy and fulfilled life no matter what life throws at you. Kandiee desires people to live free and not feel insignificant. Kandiee works with women who have experienced a traumatic even that has left them feeling isolated, confused or less than their true self. She helps them uncover hidden emotional triggers that keep them stuck and playing small and helps them create a plan for moving forward so that they can be set free from the self-defeating patterns that hold them back and learn to feel happy and in control no matter what life throws at them.

 Kandiee has a M.A in clinical psychology from the University of the Rockies and MEd in Educational Technology from the university of Maryland. Kandiee is in pursuit of her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.  Kandiee has co-authored papers for the Hawaii Psychological Association on “A Call to Managing Serious Mental Health Risks Among Pretraining Military Recruits”

Diane P. Lynch
Emily Thiroux Threatt
Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief
Pukalani, Hawaii, USA
(808) 446-3557
Emily's Bio

Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief and Grief and Happiness Alliance

Emily Thiroux Threatt is the author of Loving and Living Your Way Through Grief: A Comprehensive Guide to Reclaiming and Cultivating Joy and Carrying on in the Face of Loss and the founder of the Grief and Happiness Alliance.

Having gone through the experience of two husbands dying, as well as the deaths of her father, mother, sister, many family members and friends, Emily has much experience in the grieving process and has learned to face life with love, optimism, and joy. Her mission is to comfort and support those dealing with grief and loss while focusing on happiness.

She earned a master’s degree in English with a concentration in writing which led to her career teaching writing at the university level, so she naturally turned to writing to deal with her grief. She also is teaching those working through loss how to use writing to deal with their grief.

Diane P. Lynch
Juli Realy
Juli for Joy, Inc
Elgin, IL, USA
815 814 8360
Juli's Bio

Juli Realy is the founder of Juli for Joy, bringing outer fun for inner transformation. Her mission is to facilitate our shift from blues to bliss! She wholeheartedly believes that we all deserve to be happy, regardless of our circumstances. Her personal struggle of overcoming illness, depression and anxiety led her to Marci Shimoff’s “Happy for No Reason” program. The healing, personal growth and transformation she experienced through the program motivated her to become a certified “Happy for No Reason” trainer and accentuates the light she brings to all of her joy-filled workshops and private coaching.
Juli is often called ‘Joy-bringer’, and skillfully weaves the universal formulas for happiness into all of her services which include Happy for No Reason training/coaching, Sound Healing, Sound Baths, Meditations, Drumming and Introspective Art Experiences. She customizes each live or virtual presentation to fit your specific needs. Her background includes 30+ years of public speaking, facilitating, coaching and teaching experience. Juli’s purpose is to empower us and inspire in each person a desire to cultivate a lifestyle of happiness, wonder and contentment.

Diane P. Lynch
Molly M. Cantrell-Kraig
Chicago, IL, United States
Molly's Bio

An author, media consultant, life coach and speaker, Molly Cantrell-Kraig has been recognized as one of CNN’s Visionary Women and profiled by the Christian Science Monitor, and the Shriver Report. Cantrell-Kraig has also been interviewed on the Women’s Media Center and the BBC, speaking on such topics as women, resilience, gender roles and life transitions. From her beginnings as a single mother on welfare, Cantrell-Kraig is a self-described work in progress whose focus is on helping others achieve their goals by sharing her own experiences.

Robin G. Eisen
Robin G. Eisen
Dragonfly Body Mind Healing
Michigan City, Indiana, USA
847 361-6044
Robin's Bio

Robin Eisen, M.S.,P.T. is a physical therapist with over 45 years of experience using the body-mind connection in helping people overcome physical and emotional challenges. Her passion is to empower people to find their strengths and embrace difficulty as a way to become stronger individuals. Becoming a Happy For No Reason certified trainer is part of Robin’s own journey in healing from depression and her own health challenges. From her years of experience as a bodyworker and her own healing journey, Robin is HAPPY to help others find their unique path to wellness.


Theresa Chabot
North Attleboro, MA

Theresa's Bio

Theresa Chabot is a Certified Happiness trainer, and Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, and owner of Theresa’s Health and Wellness. She has been a health coach for 7 years since graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, as well as School of Functional Medicine, and The Functional Nutrition Alliance’s Full Body Systems program.

Her mission and passion is to help people understand not only how what we eat affects us in many different ways: It effects not only our weight, but our overall well being and ability to live a healthy, happy, long life where we look and feel incredible but also to empower them with tools and resources to maintain a happy, and healthy, positive attitude and lifestyle, which only comes from being happy within. Health and happiness are tied together, and depend on each other.

Diane P. Lynch

Lois Arthur, M.Ed.,LMFT

Lois' Bio

Lois Arthur, M.Ed., LMFT, a certified Happy For No Reason Trainer, has been working in the field of mental health, personal growth, and human development for over 35 years.  She has been an agent of change, utilizing multiple modalities, to treat trauma, normal developmental challenges, and psychological and emotional conditions.   Her expertise is reflected in her certifications of both Internal Family Systems as well as EMDR. She is well known in the Boston area as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, business coach, and consultant. Working in the field of positive psychology, particularly neuro -science, has renewed her enthusiasm about human potential and hope. 
On a personal note, her most adventurous activity in her life thus far was her partial climb of Mount Kilimanjaro last year with her wonderful husband.  Her life remains devoted to her grandchildren, family, encaustic art, yoga, dogs, personal development, and surprises.

Dyhanna Noble

Dyhanna Noble
Waltham, Massachusetts

Dyhanna's Bio

Happy For No Reason Trainer. She is a licensed Mental Health Counselor and yoga instructor. She had worked in the field of counseling for 30 years. She currently incorporates Body Brain yoga in her work with clients assisting them to create a harmonious body & mind relationship.  She assists clients to identify the outer circumstances they choose to shift by opening to greater inner awareness and balance.
Her work with senior citizens as a Happy for No Reason trainer/yoga instructor results in deepening into the consciousness of Love, Health, Happiness and Peace.

Victoria Teague
Roberta Robinson
Happiness, Healing & Health
Roberta's Bio

Roberta is a Certified Happy for No Reason Trainer, Reiki Master Teacher (Usui, Karuna & Shambala Reiki) as well as other modalities; TV Host; Lunch & Learn Facilitator; Guide for helping people get out of abusive relationships and abusive programming; 30+ years experience in the field of Elder Services; Principal and Owner of RDR Care Advocates, LLC-helping people navigate the maze of Elder Services.

Roberta’s life wasn’t always filled with Peace, Love, Happiness and Harmony. She has had every kind of abuse there is, however, she was on a mission to find the bright spot, break the family chain and find inner peace. Her journey took her through many ups and downs, programs, workshops, therapy etc.

Her passion and purpose are to guide people to this place of inner peace without having to go through the pain and agony she suffered. Through her HFNR workshops, presentations and coaching she can help you get to this place. The Good News is it is never too late, and you are never too old to have the best quality of life while on this earth plane.

She wants to shine the Light for others to see. If she can do it, you can do it.

Let her be that Light for you.

Tamara Zoner
Tamara Zoner
Commerce Twp, MI, USA
A Life You Love Now, LLC.
Tamara's Bio

Tamara is a lover of life, happily single mother of 3, world traveler, and karaoke enthusiast. An avid student of personal development and spirituality, she found her life’s purpose through the Passion Test – showing others how to live authentically from the heart and create a life they truly love! She doesn’t just teach her students how, she shows them through her own example of conscious, creative living.
Tamara’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious. Her deepest desire is to help you open your heart and mind to your ideal life and to empower you to be your own leader. Her authentic love and acceptance of all people shines through her private sessions, speaking engagements, and her workshops – which are an experience not to be missed!

Tamara is a Certified
· Life Coach
· Passion Test Facilitator
· Mastery of Self Love Facilitator
· Happy for No Reason Trainer
and ordained Minister.

Diane P. Lynch
Diane P. Lynch
Elk River, MN USA
Popovich Lynch Associates
Diane's Bio

Popovich Lynch & Associates (PLA) provides seminars, training workshops, public speaking and coaching on the topic of wellness. Diane Lynch is the principal of PLA. She has been on a spiritual journey for most of her adult life and is dedicated to make it easier for others to find guidance that resonates with their chosen personal and professional journeys. As a trainer, mediator and facilitator, Diane has taught workshops for small and large groups on a variety of topics. PLA’s work integrates the wisdom of wellness and spirituality experts around the world, including that of Shimoff & Associates (S&A), who created the course, “Happy for No Reason.” Diane Lynch is a certified Happy for No Reason trainer. As a published author, her writings have focused upon personal growth, spirituality, country living and Nature. She has an M.S. degree and her spiritual and professional paths converge in the fields of water and natural resources.

Victoria Teague
Marjorie Lombard
Emigrant, Montana
L Media LLC
Marjorie's Bio

Marjorie Lombard aims to help others build their inner strength and happiness so they may deal successfully with life’s many challenges. Her keynote
address and workshops, “Strength in Difficult Times, Finding your Source of Peace and Inner Happiness” lead participants in an experience of self-discovery. Her presentations include practical activities for understanding how to build new habits which better serve them as they pursue their dreams, goals and service to life.

Marci Shimoff’s dynamic blueprint for personal development, Happiness for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out, provides a valuable
foundation for the message and experience Marjorie brings to her audiences and workshop participants. With her Happiness certification, Marjorie also brings a certification in teaching Jack Canfield’s Success Principles and a long career working with parents, teachers and youth in the fields of education and child care. She writes and speaks on topics related to family life and education.

To book Marjorie for an event with your group or to learn about scheduled workshops in and around Paradise Valley in southcentral Montana, please e-mail lmedia518@gmail.com/events.

North Carolina
Victoria Teague
Corrine Krumenacker
Bloom with CK
Raleigh, NC, USA
Corrine's Bio

Corrine is an intuitive, life coach and certified Happy for No Reason Trainer.  After spending many years as a successful human resource professional, Corrine has expanded to intuitive life coaching to help others transform and realize their dreams. Leveraging over 20 years of coaching experience, Corrine has developed the ability to assist clients in moving past self-imposed obstacles and continue towards what truly makes them happy.

Life coaching with Corrine can help you discover what’s holding you back from where you want to go and help you determine how best to get there. Feeling supported and empowered, you will move forward with positivity and purpose. Helping clients change their lives is truly what Corrine loves about coaching and becoming a Happy for No Reason Certified Trainer has been a great opportunity to further assist her clients in finding happiness.

New Hampshire
Kasey Mathews
Kasey Mathews
Wilton, New Hampshire
Kasey's Bio

Kasey Mathews is a book-writing and transformational life coach, an inspirational speaker and the author of A Mom’s Guide to Creating a Magical Life: 8 Practical Steps to Feel Happier, Inspired, and More Relaxed and Preemie: Lessons in Love, Life and Motherhood. Both books won the Mom’s Choice Gold Award. As a featured guest on Yahoo, NBC Tonight, NHPR, Doctor Radio and many more, Kasey strives to help others find more happiness, balance and purpose in their lives. She lives in the New Hampshire with her husband, two children, and their pup, Georgie Girl.

New Jersey
Margie Bissinger

Margie Bissinger
Morristown, New Jersey
Tel: 973-683-0162

Margie's Bio

Margie Bissinger, MS, PT, CHC is a physical therapist, integrative health coach, and Certified Happy for No Reason Trainer. She merges her expertise in these disciplines to assist her clients and program participants in a comprehensive approach to their health through happiness training, nutrition, exercise, and mind-body relaxation techniques. Margie currently works with clients on an individual basis as well as through group classes. Margie has been teaching happiness to her clients and patients for over 30 years and has witnessed remarkable improvements in both their level of happiness and health.

Margie has lectured to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, hospitals, and women’s groups throughout the country on topics such as Happy for No Reason, Posture, Bone Health, Healthy Eating, Ergonomics, and Work Place Fitness. 

Margie received a bachelor of science degree in physical therapy from the University of Pennsylvania and a master of science degree in Orthopedic Physical Therapy from Northwestern University. Margie has furthered her expertise by studying nutrition and health coaching at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.

New York
Beth Larson
Beth's Bio

Beth Larsen is a High Performance and Happiness Coach who helps busy executives and entrepreneurs fulfill their highest business, personal and social potential through mindset and behavior change.

After a 20-year career in the retail industry managing store teams, districts, and regions and as a VP of Sales, Beth successfully transitioned to the world of entrepreneurship, opening her own coaching and consulting company, Business, Bliss and Balance, LLC in 2013 and has grown it to multiple six figures.

Beth knows firsthand the value of mentorship and has chosen to surround herself with the best people and the most impactful tools.  She is trained as a Certified High-Performance Coach™, a Certified Happy for No Reason® trainer, and  SLII® (Situational Self Leadership).  Beth is also the Director of Coaching for Your Year of Miracles while holding certifications as an EmotionCode™ practitioner and a Higher Brain Living® Facilitator. In 2017, she had the great honor of being personally mentored by Marci Shimoff.

New York
Kathy Procario

Kathy Procario
Mahopac NY, USA

Kathy's Bio

Kathy Procario, described as a “Happiness Provocateur,” is passionate about infusing others’ lives with abundant joy. Her way is so infectious, that just being around her makes life more fun! She has a personal challenge to help others reconnect with their natural state of well-being in order to live the joy-filled life they know they were truly meant to live!

Staying upbeat and positive in this crazy, negative world we live in has become as important as the air you breathe and the food you eat. As the owner of Joyfilled Living LLC, as well as a Positive Psychology Coach and an Accredited Happy For No Reason Trainer, Kathy helps others discover that they truly can change their thoughts and habits to live a happier life. What would your life look like if it was filled with lightness, contentment, happiness and joy? Science has proven that happy people live longer, are healthier, more energetic, and more fun to be around.

Whether working one on one or in a group setting, Kathy is dedicated to inspiring others to live upbeat and positive no matter what is going on in their lives. Just as athletes and/or musicians practice their skills, strengthening your positivity must be nurtured every day. It’s often the “little things” that matter in life. When you focus on the important “little things” that really matter, the benefits will accumulate and you’ll reap the rewards of a happier, healthier you!

New York
Victoria Teague
Anita Ramirez
Huntington, New York
Anita's Bio

Through therapy, coaching, and spiritual exploration, Anita embarked on a path of healing and rediscovery that extended beyond mere survival. Her journey culminated in a spiritual awakening, granting her the ability not only to carry her grief, but also to flourish alongside it. Along the way, Anita became a Certified Life Coach and Grief Educator. 

Recognizing the unexpected connection between grief and happiness, Anita then became a Certified Happy For No Reason Trainer. Anita understood that while grief is an integral part of our human experience, it need not overshadow our capacity for joy. Thus, she learned to embrace both the pain of loss and the radiance of happiness in tandem.

Fueled by her experiences, Anita is now dedicated to her two-fold mission: to guide spiritually-minded grievers through their healing journey, and to reshape the narrative around grief while infusing it with the transformative power of happiness.

Brenda Cochran

Brenda Cochran
Philomath, Oregon, USA

Brenda's Bio

Brenda is committed to teaching, guiding and bridging personal growth and transformation with a focus on embodying one’s own inner light.  She is passionate about supporting people on their journeys to remove blocks and open their hearts to themselves and others through the power of love. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a certified yoga instructor with deep roots in Mindful Self-Compassion, somatic awareness, shame resilience, and western psychology blended with eastern practices. She is also a certified Happy for No Reason trainer and a certified Energy Codes facilitator. With over 30 years of teaching and mental health counseling, her credentialed therapeutic background combined with her own spiritual unfolding makes her a safe and loving guide to point others to their own Inlight. Her style is to meet people where they are on their journey with great love and compassion. Her intent is to help people become aware of their old conditioned patterns, heal past wounds, and return to their true selves which has always been and will always be pure love. She is committed to walking the spiritual path together leading with a mix of humor and authenticity that feels accessible and relatable. When people step into the magnificence of who they are at their core, there is nothing like sharing in the power of genuine soul expression!

Diane P. Lynch
Ginny Dean
Essence of Health
Ashland, Oregon 97520
Ginny's Bio

Ginny taught Yoga and Meditation for many years with the mission to help others capture the essence of their personal power. Today as a Holistic Therapist and Hypnotherapist she continues to share with others the undeniable power of choice and creating change by expanding the world of possibilities. She incorporates her accredited training of Being Happy for No Reason as a significant part in sharing information in events and programs as a way to encourage people to discover and embrace their powerful essence, claim their value and purpose for this life time. She lives by the grace of gratitude to be able to give to others. Her business Essence of Health is found at ginnydeanmindshift.com. Look for events and programs on facebook Being Happier and Healthier.

Beth Schindele
Beth's Bio

Beth Schindele is a certified Happy for No Reason Trainer and founder of Find Your North Star, LLC. Throughout her 30 year career in health care, while experiencing her own struggle as a single parent, Beth followed her passion in music and ministry to reach the hearts of others that they may find peace, joy and happiness.

As a Happy For No Reason certified trainer Beth will continue utilizing her compassion, understanding and diverse background mentoring men, women and young adults as they transition from dis-ease and unhappiness to discovering true inner peace. Her own journey led her to career success through burnout and recovery of her own well-being, with great appreciation to Marci Shimoff’s Happy for No Reason.

Giving back to others so that they might discover their personal North Star and be Happy For No Reason is the goal of Beth’s speaking, workshops and online courses.

Elliott Robertson
Elliott Robertson
Philadelphia PA, USA
Elliott's Bio

Elliott Robertson is a Happiness Coach. He supports clients release negative dispositions such as self-pity and bitterness and deepen their trust in the friendliness of the universe. As an inter-spiritual soul, Elliott bears witness to the global evolutionary awakening that is beginning.

His book SAY YES TO LIFE: SEVEN KEYS TO LIVING FULL OUT FROM WITHIN will be released in the fall. His articles have been published in Science of Mind, Miracles Magazine, Friends Journal and The Embrace. He has served as a staff writer for Daily Word. Elliott has made the journey from the quicksand of misery to a life of consistently waking up with gratitude. He is passionate about helping people set their inner sails to catch the winds that lead to authentic happiness and fulfillment.

Please sign up for a Cultivating Happiness session with Elliott. This will give you a chance to see if you resonate with his approach and practices. You’ll also get a chance to explore the array of offerings such as private coaching and online group bootcamps. Elliott doesn’t focus on happiness with his clients. Instead, time is spent focusing on nourishing happiness’ soil.

Sally Kauffman
Sally Kauffman
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Sally's Bio

Sally Kauffman is a registered nurse for 49 years. When she retired from her full-time school nurse position, she continued in community health nursing.  In addition to nursing, Sally is the author of Wishing You Greatness. Sally was first introduced to the role of a certified laughter leader at a national conference and was instantly intrigued. She realized that every time she laughed, she felt lighter and less stressed.

Since becoming a Certified Laughter Leader expert, Sally has also been certified as a Happy for No Reason Certified Trainer, a Holistic and Happiness Coach, and a Laughter Wellness Facilitator. Sally has offered programs that bring joy, positivity, happiness and laughter. Sally knows people are resilient and hopes to help people find their path of inner peace and deep happiness in their wellness journey.

Sally Kauffman
Jodi Silverman
Maple Glen, PA- USA
Jodi's Bio

Jodi Silverman is a coach and mentor supporting women living the empty nest and midlife chapter of life.
Through her community, coaching and fun experiences, she gives you the secrets on how to make this next chapter full of meaning, fulfillment and fun.  Jodi gives you permission to shift the focus that has been on everyone else back onto you. She shares her best tips and strategies, learned from her own daring journey, to help women release fear and limiting beliefs, preventing them from stepping into their purpose and living their most “daring life” NOW.

She has inspired thousands of women around the country to live their own daring lives through her Coaching programs, Moms Who Dare® Membership Community, In the Nest with Jodi show and as a sought-after Speaker. When not engaging and creating experiences for her community, Jodi enjoys reading, tennis, wood-burning fires, and hanging out with her family!
Jodi has been featured in CEO Mom Magazine, This Is It Network, and a variety of podcasts.

Victoria Teague
Pam Schaefer
Discover Contentment
Lafayette Hill, PA USA
Pam's Bio

Pam Schaefer spent many years in the Early Childhood field providing education to children, caregivers, educators, and early interventionists, as an educator, executive director, adjunct faculty and occupational therapist. Her passion was to support the understanding of behavior and its challenges. In the last 10 years, her focus has been on enhancing this knowledge and understanding, utilizing the trauma research, which explains the science of behavior, and consequently, the science of achieving overall happiness and wellness at any age!

She is currently sharing her personal journey of healing and discovering contentment in challenging times, in her blog at discovercontentment.org. This journey includes providing the “Happy for No Reason” program, along with her eclectic style of wellness coaching, as she supports others on their journey of developing inner happiness, unconditional love, and healthier habits as paths to discover contentment.

South Carolina
Veronica L. Nabizadeh, Esq., NBC-HWC
Mount Pleasant, SC, USA
Cindy's Bio

Join me on a transformative journey to rediscover joy. I’m devoted to empowering remarkable women over 40 to reclaim their happiness. Life throws challenges, but genuine happiness is an internal gem. As your dedicated Happiness Trainer, I provide tailored coaching and engaging workshops that offer personalized tools and unwavering support, enabling you to choose happiness regardless of circumstances. It’s time to embrace a life filled with resilience and joy. Happiness is a daily decision, and I’m here to make that decision easier for you. Let’s celebrate your strength, resilience, and the unique happiness that belongs to you. Together, let’s be Happy For No Reason!

Vicki Simmons, LCSW

Vicki Simmons, LCSW
The Woodlands, TX, USA
Tel: 281.494.8701

Vicky's Bio

Vicki Simmons is a licensed clinical social worker, life coach, spiritual director, and student of life.  An entrepreneurial spirit has kept Vicki on the leading edge of services and programs.  She believes that learning is a choice and she chooses daily to engage with people who share a passion for personal growth and relationship growth, building better lives through one another.

Veronica L. Nabizadeh, Esq., NBC-HWC
Veronica L. Nabizadeh, Esq., NBC-HWC
Veronica's Bio

Veronica Nabizadeh is about all things health and wellness. Most of her clients have tried everything but didn’t have the lasting result. So, they come to Veronica ready to change their life because they want to feel complete and have a life of joy and satisfaction in all areas of their lives, not just a few.

Veronica is armored with the tools to help. She is a Florida Licensed attorney with a J.D. from Florida Coastal School of Law and is a Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. She has studied with Tony Robbins and is a certified Happiness Trainer, certified Food Healing Instructor, Certified Pregnancy Instructor, certified Strategic Intervention Life Coach, certified Level 1 QiGong Instructor and a Reiki Artist. She will help you take stock of your life and has the effective methods down pat for sustainable change.


Kylie Dean
Kylie's Bio

Kylie Dean is a certified Happy for No Reason Trainer, qualified Pilates and Redcord Teacher and founder of Small Steps to Happiness and Body Happiness Programs.

Kylie’s passion for helping others feel good started over 25 years ago as a Health and Fitness Trainer & Coach. Feeling a need to help others deeper than the physical, in 2016 Kylie became certified to teach International Transformational Happiness and Love expert, Marci Shimoff’s, “Happy for No Reason” program.

Having experienced her own journey of struggling with not feeling good about her self, and overcoming health challenges after the birth of her first child, Kylie’s path with Happy for No Reason has been one of healing, self discovery and finding inner peace.

With the motto of being “Happy for No Reason” as she does life, Kylie loves to empower others to lead their life of deep and lasting happiness, through her Speaking, Coaching, Workshops and Online Programs.

Kylie’s most recent heart felt project has been to share happiness principles and practices with farmers in rural and remote areas of Australia on how to be “Happy for No Reason” even when things are not looking so bright.

Diane P. Lynch
Wendy Henderson
Darwin, NT, Australia
0408 333 500
Wendy's Bio

Wendy Henderson, director of Crystal Pools NT for over 30 years is a passionate community member who loves meeting new people with a genuine passion for their wellbeing.

As a Happy for No Reason certified trainer, Wendy will be able to support others to work towards achieving their highest potential in finding happiness through personalized one-to-one coaching.

Dianne Winser

Dianne Winser
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(H) 204-256-7550 (C) 204-299-5238

Dianne's Bio

Dianne Winser is a Certified Happiness Trainer, a licensed Spiritual Coach, Angel card reader and the bestselling author of the book You Can Be, Do or Have Anything. As a Happy for No Reason® certified trainer, Dianne loves sharing the happiness tools and empowering people to lead a life of deep and lasting happiness through her speaking, coaching, workshops and online programs. 

Dianne is also the host of the Spiritual Healing by Dianne Show, where you will find an interview with Marci Shimoff, the mentor for the Happy for No Reason program. Dianne also helps her clients work with their Angels through card readings and Angel clearings. She has learned that when you work with Angels, you can lean upon their light to help you heal physically, spiritually, emotionally, and financially. Dianne is passionate about empowering others to have faith in themselves to make their dreams come true.

Diane P. Lynch
Christina Marlett
Courageous Self-Care
Calgary, AB, Canada
Christina's Bio
As the creator of Courageous Self-Care, Christina is passionate about helping stressed out high achievers learn to lead their communities, families and themselves from a place of wholeness, overflowing energy and deep self-respect. She shares her message as an international speaker, #1 International Best Selling Author, certified Embodiment Coach, Happy for No Reason Trainer, Energy Codes Facilitator, BEST Practitioner and on her blog.  
Christina loves to help you harmonize the power of your mind with your heart’s desires. She excels at helping you gain scintillating clarity and then take inspired action towards your vivid vision and intentions. She works with you on both energetic and practical levels so that you experience profound healing and have strategic steps for what to do next. 
As Christina holds space for your dreams, you will experience increased self-love, abundance, inner richness and a better understanding of how to harness the power of the Universe to support you in your highest good. Learn more at www.ChristinaMarlett.com.
Heather Sansom

Heather Sansom
Vancouver, British Columbia
(604) 506-8010

Heather's Bio

Heather Sansom, founder of YourJoy4Life Training and Happiness Coaching, is a certified “Happy for No Reason” Trainer, and a certified “Co-Active” and Calling in “the One“® Coach, as well as a District Manager and past Franchise owner of a busy financial services company. Heather’s life-altering awareness is the result of over 2,000 hours of in-depth training, as well as her own personal experiences. Her passion for helping others feel good started15 years ago as a CTI “Certified Professional Coactive Coach”. Feeling a desire to help others claim their freedom from work stress and burnout, in 2019 Heather became certified to teach International Transformational Happiness and Love expert, Marci Shimoff’s, “Happy for No Reason®” program.

Having experienced her own journey of struggling with work/life balance and, and overcoming health challenges associated with lack of sleep,Heather’s journey to”Happy for No Reason” has been one of healing, self-discovery and finding inner peace. Heather loves to inspire and empower others to live lives of deep,lasting happiness through her Training Workshops, Coachingand Online Programs with practical solutions for busy people on how to be “Happy for No Reason” through all of life’s circumstances.

Susan Janzen, B.Ed.
Susan C. Janzen, B.Ed.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Susan's Bio

Susan Janzen is a Happy for No Reason® Certified Trainer who has always had a passion for bringing joy and happiness to others. As a professional singer, recording artist, Special Education teacher, Realtor, author, and speaker she invites you to join her for a deeper dive into unconditional happiness. In her workshop, you will learn how to raise your Happiness Setpoint, examine the 21 Happiness Habit exercises, and most importantly – have fun!

Deanna Hann
Deanna J. Hann
3 Lunenburg St, St. John’s, NL
Deanna's Bio

Deanna Hann is the founder of a navigational program -The Goddess Compass. She accomplished a healing transformation as a part of the program’s inspirational and adventurous journey through the Amazon jungle.The Compass guided her to let go of her past and become who she was truly meant to be. A compass is a powerful tool that she shares open-heartedly with all, especially with one who struggles with depression, pain, suffering, or lack of confidence. She has spoken to over 400,000 women internationally to impact their lives in their quest for happiness.

She has appeared on a British podcast to share her faith story, and she is also an executive member of the Positive Thinkers, a 33-year-old club.. Deanna is the author of The Goddess Compass: her transformational journey from darkness to light. Her programs include The Cultivating Compassion Course, Marry Yourself First, and The Art and Heartful Living as a Goddess.

She naturally inspires others to a self-compassionate journey where she supports you abundantly to let you raise your sails in faith, and your heart becomes your Compass fearlessly. We’ll sail through the storm together, so you never lose sight of the shore—the certainty of who you’re truly meant to be. Deanna enjoys spreading the joy as a Happy for No Reason® Certified Trainer. Let’s raise our sails together and navigate to your heart, so you are unquestionably on Destination Pleasure. Hopefully, you can feel the engine’s vibration waiting for you.

Victoria Teague
Jodi Gagné
In Flow Energy Coaching
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
Jodi's Bio

Jodi is a certified Energy Coach, EFT/Tapping Practitioner, 21 Journeys Teacher, Happy for No Reason Trainer and founder of In Flow Energy Coaching. She helps success-driven event professionals struggling with burnout get back to creating unforgettable experiences. With a background as a stage manager and lighting designer, Jodi intimately understands the relentless pressure and ‘show must go on’ mentality of the event and entertainment industry.

Building on her event production and theatre experience, Jodi founded Simply Perfect in 2001, a wedding management and coordination company she successfully ran for 21+ years. When the pandemic hit, Jodi’s wedding career and the fast-paced-can’t-stop-gotta-keep-moving way of life came to a screeching halt. It was within this silence, Jodi discovered the world of energy psychology.

Now, Jodi combines her event expertise, energy coaching and tools for mind-body-heart-soul connection to help event professionals get to the root of what is keeping them frustrated, overwhelmed and exhausted. Through coaching, meditation, visualization and EFT/Tapping, she empowers her clients to release stress, reignite their creativity and take inspired action to make the big changes necessary to make way for them to do more of what lights them up!

Victoria Teague
Linda G. Robert
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Linda's Bio

Linda G. Robert has been a coach for several years and has also worked as a mental health worker, a teacher/professor, and an employment consultant. Her mission is to provide inspiring coaching and training that guides the 45+ to live their best lives now, so they can love what they do. Linda is very authentic, and transparent, and this shines through the many programs she offers and videos she has created on her YouTube channel.

Linda has developed and conducted numerous seminars and workshops on mental health, stress management and wellness, all aimed at helping others find love, balance and fulfillment in their lives. To further spread hope and joy, Linda recently became a certified Happy for No Reason trainer through Marci Shimoff’s certification program.

Several years ago, while taking care of her children and her mother, and working full-time in the mental health system, Linda experienced burnout. Following her recovery, she gradually acquired new skills and practices that are now integral parts of her daily life. Sharing and teaching these skills, and integrating them into her coaching practice constitutes a significant aspect of the work she is passionate about.

Linda is very easy to talk to, down to earth, has a great sense of humor, and is truly passionate about making a difference in people’s lives. She is from Canada and is fluent in French.

Diane P. Lynch
Chinwe Emegokwue
Ojo, Lagos, Nigeria
Chinwe's Bio

Chinwe Emegokwue is passionate about healthy living and helping others to experience love and joy through opening their hearts irrespective of their situation at any point of their being.

In her teens, she had a health challenge that both herbal and orthodox medicines could not crack, that lingered until her mid-fifties when she came in contact with Energy Medicine. In this field, she learned the effect of negative energy on health and every aspect of one’s life. This helped her to reprogram her thoughts. With this, her healing started gradually which has continued till her pains were completely alleviated.

In her healing journey, she realized that opening the heart is the first step to everything required for healthy living. Her journey to Happy For No Reason
solidified her quest for positive and joyful living. She is presently into Qigong Healing Technique. Being with or around Chinwe makes you lively. Dedicated to opening the heart by using different happiness practices she helps others stay in a healthy state.

Through awareness, she follows what goes around her, listens to her inner voice, feels the earth and transforms her life.

If you want to experience transformation from within and without, melting the stuck energy within you and going into a joyful flow, she invites you to this
beautiful journey that leaves you in gratitude and thanksgiving always.

Juliana Johan

Juliana Johan

Juliana's Bio

Juliana Johan is an International Best Selling Author, a Gerontologist and a Possibility and High Performance Therapeutic Coach. She guides people on their journey to heal and lean into their power through self-mastery, inner peace and purpose. She specializes in unearthing the source of your issues to achieve a state of flow where you perform optimally and live everyday loving life. 

She co-founded The Facilitators’ Project, a volunteer initiative that empowers abused and neglected children and women in shelters. She is also on a mission to reshape healthcare institutions to include emotional, psychological support and nutrition as main components in treatment plans.

Her personal interests includes martial arts, kayaking, shooting sports, reading and watching films. She dreams of a world where happiness, good health and well-being is accessible to all 🙂

United Kingdom
Diane P. Lynch

Caron Sanders-Crook
Essex, United Kingdom

Caron's Bio

Caron is a Registered Nurse, proud mum, author of the best-selling book Behind the Smiles: An army veteran’s wife’s personal guide for supporting families with PTSD and a Certified Happy For No Reason Trainer.
A Fellow and Mentor of the Chartered Management Institute, she has worked in health and social care for more than 30 years, as well as being an active member of the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Topic Expert Group. In the latter capacity, Caron has contributed to many world-leading developmental and research projects relating to End-of-Life Care and Management and Leadership.
Caron is an intuitive psychic medium and has created her own therapy called E.I.G.H.T.S (Empathetic Intense Gentle Heartfelt Touch Simplified). Caron is trained and qualified to practice and teach several complementary therapies.
Since becoming a Happy For No Reason Trainer Caron has done podcasts, radio interviews, online talks, and webinars for organizations sharing her tips and strategies for coping and reducing the risk of secondary trauma for families with PTSD.
She is currently working on a series of children’s books about PTSD and collaborating with the NHS on post-COViD-19 pandemic mental health in families.

United Kingdom
Karen MacKenzie
Karen MacKenzie
United Kingdom
Karen's Bio

Hi I’m Karen MacKenzie and I’ve been on a journey all my life. However, I had an awakening when I was around 38, and since then I’ve been gathering tools, knowledge, learning, understanding, information and studying things like Positive Psychology and I don’t know if you ever experienced that moment when everything comes together; when someone appears and puts it all in a framework and contextualises it and synchronicity and congruence are like flashing lights in your head and heart?

That was what it was like for me when I become one of Marcie’s students on the Happy for No Reason Trainer Course.

I had spent years saying, “I’ll teach what I know when…” but never had that when, till Happy for No Reason and Marci Shimoff entered my life. It was a moment I’ll treasure forever. It was life-changing. Bless you, Marci.

United Kingdom
Shila Jassal
Shila Jassal
Soulful happiness
Rochester, Kent, United Kingdom
Shila's Bio

Is a certified Happy for No Reason trainer, life coach, complimentary therapist and counsellor. She specializes in loss, bereavement and trauma, and is an active second responder providing counselling in the UK and abroad. She is also a much sought after motivational coach and workshop facilitator.
Shila has worked in the corporate and private sector for many years, in the field of diversity and inclusion. She loves to work with people from various cultural backgrounds, encouraging their career progression and supporting them to recognize and celebrate their unique gifts and cultural heritage.
Recently, Shila has developed her own healing modality – Soulful Happiness. Through combining her therapeutic techniques with her unique healing abilities she has been able to support and empower others to connect to their soul purpose and live their best life.
Shila’s motto is that when we live our most authentic life, and listen to our heart, we are able to more easily connect with our soul essence. By doing so, we can learn to access a state of being where we can achieve true inner peace and happiness; this is a place where our soul can truly sing – the state of being happy for no reason.

United Kingdom
Victoria Teague
Tiffany Bright
Samadhi Escapes
Chelmsford, Essex, UK
07394 145687
Tiffany's Bio

Tiffany Bright is a qualified yoga and meditation teacher, a certified trainer for Happy for No Reason, and director of Samadhi Escapes.  She is also qualified to provide Swedish and Indian head massages, facials, and Reiki to help others to relax, rejuvenate, and renew. Having adopted twin sons nearly 17 years ago, Tiffany realised that a journey of personal development, to improve knowledge and resilience, was essential.  She embarked on training to support her sons, enjoyed well-being treatments and lots of different forms of exercise.  Alongside raising her sons, Tiffany worked in various corporate roles and is experienced in writing bespoke courses, speaking at conferences, and delivering workshops, though there was still something missing.  Feeling depleted of energy and purpose, she went in pursuit of more [and sustainable] happiness and found the missing link through the Happy for No Reason course.  Day-to-day life can be very challenging.   Are you seeking more joy? How would it feel to improve the quality of your life, day in day out? Tiffany is passionate about teaching you how to make the best of what you have. Here’s to your long-lasting deep happiness, balance, and peace.